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Guests comments:

If you want to find birds in Bolivia while saving a few thousands, take Michael to the national park Amboró or any “green” site and you’ll end up with a long and marvelous. We visited Volcanes: Bolivian Recurvebill, Slaty Gnateater, Yungas Manakin; around Samaipata:  Spot-breasted Thornbird, Rufous-capped Antshrike, a family group of Quetzals, Chestnut-crested Cotinga; a family group of Green Jays, Black and rufous Warbling-finch; in Saipina: 24 pairs of Fronted  Macaws, family groups of  White-fronted Woodpeckers, Bolivian Earth-creeper, a pair of White-tipped Plantcutters; in Siberia: Black-hooded Sunbeam (very lucky), Hooded Mountain-toucan, very tame Black-throated Thistletails, White-eared Solitaire, Green-throated Tanager and Plushcap. Its curious how places so close to each other belong to ecosystems so
diverse, but they are all similar in one aspect, they’re great for bird-watching. And the specialties cooperated with Michael as if he had released them in front of us.

William and Jimmy - Five days of bird-watching, overnighting at Volcanes, Samaipata and Comarapa Intense Birding


Trekking Tours

Lights! Camera! Action!

Beneath a luminous sky and with the refreshing breTrekking Abra del Jucumariezes of the Cruceño Valleys across your face, you can live a movie-like experience. Samaipata offers you trekking in seductive scenarios where your friends and your family play the leading roles under our experienced staff of adventure and ecotourism guides. With cordiality and professionalism, our tour directors give information that instill respect and love for the natural elements and cultural monuments you visit as well as what shapes the conservation of those resources we so desperately need.

The attractions most well known are El Fuerte or “The Fort”, the thousand year old, pre-Incan temple, declared a Cultural Humanities Heritage site by UNESCO; the biologically diverse and easily accessible southern zone of the Amboró National Park, numerous waterfalls and nearby Rock Paintings. The hikes in this region are exercises rich in scenery and encounters with flora, fauna and new archeological sites.

These journeys also present a wonderful opportunity to gradually adapt to the stress of high altitude itineraries. We include tours of several days, cargo burros and all the necessary camping equipment.

Having everything to satisfactorily meet the goals of the traveler, we have diversified our hikes to the pleasure and particular capacities of each visitor, adapting to market requirements that each day become more specialized.

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