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Guests comments:

Michael, I just want you to know that Bolivia was the best part of my trip and especially that unforgettable trip herding cattle along mountains and rivers. You have a beautiful horseback ride from picturesque Samaipata to the mystic El Fuerte. Your camping site near the stream is perfect and the views are unforgettable. You should offer as an extension of your program the improvised time we shared with Samaipata farmers and cowboys. What a tasty combination: corn purée and cheese wrapped in cornhusks with blackberry wine. I loved everything so much that now I want to move there! I  will surely be back someday and perhaps then I can take that ceramic piece we fired in corral. Love to Gaby and Schatzie.

Ute - Two-day horseback ride to El Fuerte, .. extended to 4 days after meeting a family herding cattle Horseback riding


Feedback from guests

Hi Michael, Back to the grind, talking with my colleagues about their beach vacations, but my mind is still with you remembering the birds in the rich mosaic of their native Bolivian habitat. Someday I’ll come back to those brilliant deserts and “megadiverse” jungles- I’m already mixing up the names of the particular sites we visited in our birding trip where we saw almost half a thousand different wings. From condors with 3 meter wingspan at 4500 meters above sea level, to hummingbirds with turbines only 10 cm in diameter in the amazon jungle. From wings used only as oars by apterous grebes in the lakes of the altiplano, to the useless wings of the american ostrich that prefers to run through the tropical savanna. Thank you Gaby for making all the arrangements that made this trip possible and for your effort and attention to detail. We enjoyed our trip very much. The distances were stretched due to bad roads, but each new site held so many new birds it was definitely worth it. Would you be willing to trade your steep cloud forest in Samaipata for our civilized London fog for a few years?
Paul (20 days of bird-watching, from Pantanal to Santa Cruz, Samaipata, Comarapa, Cochabamba, Tunari, Potosí and Sucre) Intense Birding

Michael is great and his wife Gaby is really warm-hearted. To both of them and their staff many thanks. It was a shame that we only had three days, they turned into three days of continual pleasure, living at the rhythm of the natural world. Of course the last day was the best. Walking up at down in a high mountain pass while enjoying a tea of herbs collected by Mr. Trekking with Schatzie (the Airedale Terrier puppy), through landscapes of incomparable lush beauty, underneath a blue sky. Above our heads boisterous parrots and above the hills, condors and eagles were soaring. Time to meditate at the mountain peak and to understand the ecology of the orchids and butterflies of the ravines. We also collected wild fruits. At the end there were beautiful waterfalls where we could dip our tired feet. The food was excellent, the camping equipment in perfect condition, Gaby’s jeep very picturesque. Days full of adventure that I’m sure we will never ever forget.
Ruth and Holger - 1 day of trekking in Amboró and two days at El Fuerte and the Cuevas waterfalls Samaipata Surroundings

If you want to find birds in Bolivia while saving a few thousands, take Michael to the national park Amboró or any “green” site and you’ll end up with a long and marvelous. We visited Volcanes: Bolivian Recurvebill, Slaty Gnateater, Yungas Manakin; around Samaipata:  Spot-breasted Thornbird, Rufous-capped Antshrike, a family group of Quetzals, Chestnut-crested Cotinga; a family group of Green Jays, Black and rufous Warbling-finch; in Saipina: 24 pairs of Fronted  Macaws, family groups of  White-fronted Woodpeckers, Bolivian Earth-creeper, a pair of White-tipped Plantcutters; in Siberia: Black-hooded Sunbeam (very lucky), Hooded Mountain-toucan, very tame Black-throated Thistletails, White-eared Solitaire, Green-throated Tanager and Plushcap. Its curious how places so close to each other belong to ecosystems so diverse, but they are all similar in one aspect, they’re great for bird-watching. And the specialties cooperated with Michael as if he had released them in front of us.
William and Jimmy - Five days of bird-watching, overnighting at Volcanes, Samaipata and Comarapa Intense Birding

Michael and Gaby, Thank you for all the arrangements you made for our caravan, without your team we would have needed double the time and effort.  All the drivers looked very confident through the mud with their jeeps. Because of the rain we had to wait to cross the Río Grande river. Man, our guide was a great improviser!  We spent the night that seemed right out of a movie, around a fire with those families, their legends and songs (we recorded it all).  Their needs are so simple, their generosity authentic and they were full of good humor!  I understand why Che Guevara couldn’t convince them to participate in his cause.  Our lenses were amazed at the architecture of Pucará, Postrervalle, Masicurí and Lagunillas. Thank you for the information about the waterfalls and lagoons along the way.  Simply perfect.
Consuelo - Asisting with a one-week video documentary, The route of Che Guevara Che Guevara´s Route

Our first trip was to El Fuerte. What a great site! The guide was very prepared in history, culture, and pre-Columbian mysticism, and was a safe driver too. Don’t pass up the walk to the five strategic lookouts!  The skies are impressive and with a little luck you’ll be able to see condors checking up on you from above. Then we took a two-day tour of Parque Amboró between the red cliffs of Volcanes. We saw lots of flowers, trees, birds, etc..  Michael knows his stuff so stay close-by, let him talk and pay attention! Two days of trees and walking were enough for us. Any nature-lover will appreciate these hikes.
Andrea and Frank - Culture and Nature Interpretation, 1day at El Fuerte and 2 at Volcanes, Amboró Nat. Park. Comunity based Ecoturism

Hi Gaby, Everything came out great, and we enjoyed it a lot.  I think we will return in two years, for the Pantanal Route and the Missions. Thanks for sending those suitcases to us in Tarabuco.  What beautiful weavings they make there and in Maragua! Sucre and Potosí were unforgettable, but the best was the night walk between the “islands” on the salt flat. Or was it the toast with the flamingos of the Colored Lagoon?  Flat-tires? Only three. Camping equipment?  Good, cozy and warm. The landscapes? Not too bad, as Rosemarie would say. Thank you for all the details big and small in your organization. Best of luck.
Martín and Hanna - From Santa Cruz to Cochabamba, passing by way of Sucre, Potosí and the Uyuni Salt Flat in 12 days 4Wd Itineraries

Our voyage together was for two days and one night. The campsite Quetzales is well chosen and the walks strenuous, but everyone takes it at their own pace. We traveled through the tree-fern forest using various paths. The hike to the summit at 2400 meters was very invigorating. The views more than amazing.  Michael can easily discuss any and all aspects of the flora and fauna, but he also appreciates the silence and natural sounds of Amboró. We saw many different species of birds and we were dedicated to savoring the peacefulness as well as being in movement. Michael is very accommodating to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Having completed five days in the Pantanal, I feel qualified to compare. I definitely recommend these tours, whether they be a single day or three.
Steve - Bird-watching and Nature Interpretation at Cerro La Mina, Amboró Nat. Park Light Birding

We’ve shared some marvelous moments with Michael, he’s an excellent guide, he’s explored every corner and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the area, great respect for nature and its inhabitants, and a real enthusiasm for the region. We thoroughly enjoyed all of our tour with him, finding fantastic views and a lot of wildlife. The cooks made tasty dishes, have a great sense of humor, and Hector is a magician carrying all the cargo on his burros. Highly recommended. Good-guau Shatzie!
Aiko and Barbara - Five days of trekking in Amboró National Park, from Abra de los Toros to the River Lajas Canyon. Community based Ecoturim

Michael, I just want you to know that Bolivia was the best part of my trip and especially that unforgettable trip herding cattle along mountains and rivers. You have a beautiful horseback ride from picturesque Samaipata to the mystic El Fuerte. Your camping site near the stream is perfect and the views are unforgettable. You should offer as an extension of your program the improvised time we shared with Samaipata farmers and cowboys. What a tasty combination: corn purée and cheese wrapped in cornhusks with blackberry wine. I loved everything so much that now I want to move there! I  will surely be back someday and perhaps then I can take that ceramic piece we fired in corral. Love to Gaby and Schatzie.
Ute - Two-day horseback ride to El Fuerte, .. extended to 4 days after meeting a family herding cattle Horseback riding

Hi Michael (and Gaby of course) It's taken me a while to write this email and say thank you for organizing and managing such a great tour for us - one of the most unforgettable experiences of my long (?) life! I know Norbert thought it was wonderful too. All of my friends to whom I sent the photos were very inspired and thought Bolivia looked fantastic, and of course I told them that it is - even better than the photos! What if I try to organize a group of walkers to come and visit Bolivia and NW Argentina?. Maybe about 10-14 days of walking. Maybe someone could drive your truck to carry the heaviest things from the backpacks? because of course my friends are 55-65 age group. Let me know about your ideas on my questions when you have time. I will be very interested to hear from you. Very best wishes to you both!
Michael - 3 weeks 4WD tour through Bolivia 4Wd Itineraries

Thanks so much for including me in this life-altering adventure. I think rural community tourism is a marvelous way to preserve rain forests and feed their caretakers. A model for the world.
Teresa - 3 days ecotour with local community in Los Volcanes, Amboró Nat Park Community based Ecoturism

When you're traveling with Michael, you don't feel like a tourist, you feel like a welcomed guest. We are still partly in Bolivia, partly at home, in our hearts and heads. It was a great tour, truly. I have been on many and this was one of the best. I never knew what a great country this was. And the opportunity to go with a graduated biologist and a local guide as Guido made it even better.
John and David - 8 days in Noel Kempff Nat. Park Nature & Sighteering Tours

What a wonderful experience this was for me. I felt like I got a privileged look at the real Bolivia and not some touristy packaged tour. All right, I know I'm delusional and this was a tour for tourists, but it felt significantly different, educational and personal and warm and authentic. Thank you so much for doing this good work!
Danielle and Kristine - 2 weeks customized experience in central and western Bolivia Nature & Sighteeing Tours

It was very nice to have some time in your store to see the arts and crafts of Bolivia. We had a wonderful few days with you both. Thank you for our beautiful memories of Bolivia. I’m recommending your services to my friends and some organizations in our country. Best wishes
Kathy, Paul and Sarah, USA, volunteer and visiting family on way to a Peace Corp project 4Wd Itineraries

Hola michael!! Hace rato que quiero escribirte para agradecerte de corazon esos maravillosos dias que disfrutamos juntos. Fue un lujo tu compañia, aprendi mucho y lo que es mejor, se que hay un lugar en el mundo al cual me gustaria volver: Bolivia!! Otra vez, mi profundo agradecimiento. Estoy segura de que tu "guia" fue el punto de inflexion del viaje, ya que con otra persona hubiera sido mucho menos enriquecedor. Un abrazo a todos los que hacen posible, que el guiar, no sea solo un servicio, sino tambien un encuentro genuino con la naturaleza y con otros seres humanos tan especiales. abril 2013

Dos días maravillosos con guías muy simpáticos y sabios al nido de los cóndores y al parque Amboró. Valió la pena (y la plata!!) absolutamente! Muchas gracias! Amboro: AMBORO Condor hike: Light Birding
BW00 AM01

El tour de cóndores fue muy interesante & divertido. Vimos 9 o 10 cóndores y otraos aves y nuestra guia sabía mucho sobre la región y los animales y las flores. El almuerzo estuve muy rico también.

Estuvo genial desde la puntualidad hasta la excelente interpretación, exposición, guiado y onda de Michael. El paisaje inmejorable, vale la pena volver en otras épocas del año. Muchas gracias por su profesionalismo, experiencia y calidez humana 10.5.2013

A very nice hike, plenty of condores, beautiful views and I learn many thing about the plants as well! Thanks a lot!

Such a shame we did not have time for a 2 or 3 days tour but 1 day was already very nice! Thank you for all the explanations about animals, plants x Bolivia Cheers 15.11.2012

We have had a wonderful day walking in Amboró park with mirando.a wonderful and very knoweledgeable guide who was also great fun. We thoughery enjoy ourselves and would recommend the tour nighly. Nov.2012

Thank you so much for 3 amazing tours!! All brilliant! Cloud forest, Condor spotting + Che Guevara trail. Special mention to an amazing guide. He is the bomb. Samaipata is a beautiful place!
AM01 BW00 4w05

Le tour d’une journée pour aller vou les condors est superbe. La montée un peu difficil mais une fou en haut le paysage est grandiose!!! Et ce sont sept condors que nous avons pu observer realices un veretable ballet acrien.. Une excellente experience

R. unser Guide führte uns mit seiner Machete über den höchsten Punkt 2500 Meter in den Dschungel bis zu unserem Schlafplatz. Von dort aus gingen wir ohne unsere Rucksäcke bis zu einem Ausichtspunkt weiter. Als wir zurück kamen machten wir ein Feuer um unser Abendessen zu kochen und erzählten uns Geschichten bis es dunkel war und wir schlafen gingen. Am nächsten Morgen begrüssten uns Papageien und zwei Tukane in den Bäumen. Nach dem Frühstück ging es wieder zurück bis zum höchsten Punkt und dann einen anderen Weg in den Dschungel, der sich vor allem mit dem schweren Gepäck und dem rutschigen Untergrund als sehr abendteuerlich erwies. Alles in allem lernten wir einiges über Pflanzen und Tiere und hatten einen anstrengenden aber auch wunderschönen Trip. 12.08.12

Ein wunderschöner Tag im Dschungel mit einer wundervollen Aussicht über Tal und Berg. Es hat sich gelohnt. 31.08.12

Danke für diesen schönen und informativen Tag. Er hat mir unglaublich viel gebracht und ich habe viel gelernt. Vor allem die Informationen über Ethnomedizin haben mich sehr interressiert. Unser Guide .R. war toll! 12.12.12

Wir haben die Wanderung zu den Riesenfarnen sehr genossen. Herzlichen Dank an R. fur den schönen Tag! 9.01.13

Die Tour war rundum gelungen und sehr, sehr schön. Die Natur ist absolut fantastisch und wir fühlten uns sehr gut aufgehoben bei R., dem Guide. Er kennt den Weg in und auswendig, erzählte viel über medizinische Wirkungen von Heilpflanzen und beantwortete alle Fragen ausführlich. Wir waren ganz zufrieden und würden es immer weiterempfehlen! 6.03.13

Osterzeit mal ganz anders! Feli und Timi fühlten sich wie Tarzan und schwangen mit Lianen durch den Amboro Nationalpark. Papageien begrüssten uns zu Beginn der Tour.Ihren bahnten uns den Weg durch den Nebelwald mit Geduld, Humor und einen Blick nach unten, wegen den Schlangen, sowie nach oben, wegen den Orchideen. Hunderte Schmetterlinge verabschiedeten uns auf den Rückweg von einer wundervollen und intensiven Reise in eine andere Welt. Absolute Empfehlung und viele Grüsse von 16.04.13

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