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Guests comments:

Hi Michael (and Gaby of course) It's taken me a while to write this email and say thank you for organizing and managing such a great tour for us - one of the most unforgettable experiences of my long (?) life! I know Norbert thought it was wonderful too. All of my friends to whom I sent the photos were very inspired and thought Bolivia looked fantastic, and of course I told them that it is - even better than the photos! What if I try to organize a group of walkers to come and visit Bolivia and NW Argentina?. Maybe about 10-14 days of walking. Maybe someone could drive your truck to carry the heaviest things from the backpacks? because of course my friends are 55-65 age group. Let me know about your ideas on my questions when you have time. I will be very interested to hear from you. Very best wishes to you both!

Michael - 3 weeks 4WD tour through Bolivia 4Wd Itineraries


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